About me

GalleryKauffeld was founded by Ilse Kauffeld.
Through my love of art, music and street art, I have met many artists over the years.
Because creativity and commercialism do not always go hand in hand, I started supporting artists in, among other things: marketing, sales, communication and handling orders.
This allows everyone to continue to do where their strength lies.

All artists naturally receive their 'fair share' for the beautiful work they have created. So that the artists can continue to do where their heart and strength lie.

Through our collaboration and through this webshop, we want to set up something beautiful and delight our customers with a beautiful original art reproduction for the home, office, relaxation room or anywhere else.
A collaboration in which the tasks are clearly divided, and we complement each other perfectly.

In the webshop you will find a varied and large selection of reproduction art prints.
These designs distinguish themselves from the large online offer, because the original works of art are all hand-painted.
These were then processed into reproductions on various high-quality materials.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at mail.kauffeld@gmail.com or via the contact form.